The Albert curse

I was fortunate enough to see several of my favourite blues guitarists/performers live in concert. The first was B.B. King at a gig at the Canberra Theatre in 1989. It was the first gig I can remember going to where the age groups ranged from 18 to 60 plus and the man himself was 63 at the time. An excellent live performance.

The next was Albert King in 1992 at the same venue, with Canned Heat as support. Another excellent gig but sadly Albert was dead six months later. I was extremely pleased to have taken the opportunity to see him when I did.

One of the "Kings of the Blues", guitarist Albert King

One of the “Kings of the Blues”, guitarist Albert King

The next blues guitarist I got too see was Albert Collins with his band the Icebreakers in 1993. The man was the consummate professional and his performance that night could only be desrcibed as “blistering”. Six months after seeing him in concert he was dead too.

"Master of the Telecaster", blues guitarist Albert Collins

“Master of the Telecaster”, blues guitarist Albert Collins

It was at this time I started to believe in the “Albert” curse. Two magicians seen live in concert dead within 6 months of me seeing them. I am very worried about the next musician I see live called Albert.



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