Ace Is Back And He Told You So

When I first discovered Ace Frehley was coming to Hobart I couldn’t believe it. As a KISS tragic for about 40 years there was no way I was going to miss this one. With a show that promised to deliver classic KISS cuts alongside tracks from his latest solo album Space Invader and other gems from his solo career, it appeared we were in for a treat.

Ace Frehley's 2014 solo album, Space Invader

Ace Frehley’s 2014 solo album, Space Invader

He played a few tracks from Space Invader as promised and we were also treated to some fantastic renditions of some of his solo classics such as New York Groove and Snowblind from his 1978 album and the song that gave the name to this blog post, Rock Soldiers, from the first Frehley’s Comet album.

Frehley's Comet, released in 1987

Frehley’s Comet, released in 1987

But unsurprisingly it was the KISS classics that proved Ace is still the original, and to me the best, guitarist to have been a member of KISS. Shock Me, the Stones cover 2000 Man, Detroit Rock City and Strutter were all fantastic. But Ace and his band rocked everyone’s socks off with a blistering version of Parasite from the 1974 album Hotter Than Hell.

The second KISS album, Hotter Than Hell

The second KISS album, Hotter Than Hell

In the rhythm section Ace was served ably by bass player Chris Wyse and drummer Scot Coogan, who also did well performing lead vocals on several tracks. Also in the band, on second guitar, was his old partner in crime Richie Scarlet, who was quite “Keef”-esque in both his appearance and posturing. He did very well although at times he was a little over the top and may need to be reminded that people came to see Ace not him.

Gig poster promoting the tour

Gig poster promoting the tour

On the whole though, a fantastic gig that I enjoyed very much. Ace is back and he told you so indeed. Not bad for a bloke that turned 64 earlier in the week.


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