Getting My Clutches On Clutch!

One of the habits I’ve developed in recent years is to buy a music magazine whenever I engage in air travel (usually for work). Not only does it give me something to read on the plane but it occasionally leads me to discover some new or interesting material for my radio show. A few years ago I bought one of those magazines that came with a free compilation CD showcasing a variety of different bands. One of those bands was American hard rockers, Clutch.


Clutch – Tim Sult, Dan Maines, Neil Fallon & Jean-Paul Gaster

I have found their music very enjoyable and was hooked from the very first listen. The last three albums have all been fantastic efforts and are still on high-rotation on my stereo.


2009’s Strange Cousins From The West

earth rocker

Earth Rocker, released in 2013


Clutch’s latest, Psychic Warfare, released in 2015

I have a few other tracks in my collection as well but still do not own their best-selling release, the eponymous second album released in 1995. Yes, they have been around that long!


Clutch’s eponymous second album from 1995

I look forward to getting my hands on that one, but even more excitingly, I am getting to see them perform live! Bring on Friday 4 March 2016, Metro Theatre, Sydney. Yes!!!



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