As we approach the silly season I can’t help but wonder – how long does something need to exist before it is considered “traditional”?

I first commenced my program, The Sunday Smorgasbord, on the Derwent Valley’s own community radio station, TYGA FM, on 20 December 2009, with my co-host Mark “Knackers” Corlett. Being so close to Xmas there was a plethora of Carols and other seasonal favourites played on the station in the following week. So when it came to do Show 2 on 27 December we avoided Xmas-related tunes like the plague. With one exception.

I had recently discovered some newer versions of classic seasonal tunes, and some new ones, on a compilation called A Santa Cause: It’s A Punk Rock Christmas and decided to include one of these in Show 2. The compilation was created to raise funds for the Pediatric Aids Foundation.

a santa cause

A Santa Cause, released in 2003

The premise for the Sunday Smorgasbord was always to be a little different, keep the music diverse and to provide avenues for music that wouldn’t otherwise receive radio airplay. With that in mind I chose an amusing track called “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus”, as one I wouldn’t expect to be commonly played on radio. An interesting twist on a traditional song idea, performed by a band called Standstill.

This band, not to be confused with another with the same name from Spain, hailed from Tallahassee, Florida and never ended up even recording their debut album despite signing a recording contract and commencing sessions in a studio. They’re a classic case of “where are they now” and will most likely never appear together again, having gone their separate ways a number of years ago. You can’t even find a publicity photo of them.

I have played it annually since 2009 and it will be my pleasure to give it a spin this weekend during my 6th anniversary show. This will be a special show for me, as I finally get to co-host with my fellow presenter Dolly Ringwald, responsible for the 80s music-focused program, Octogenarius. We have presented each other’s program during an absence but have never co-hosted a program together. It should be fun!


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