Clutching At Straws?

I was “clutching at straws” to come up with a name for this blog post as it’s really a gig review. So I went with the obvious. I went to the Metro Theatre in Sydney on 4 March 2016 to see one my favourite bands in recent years, Clutch. They are touring to promote their latest album, Psychic Warfare.


Clutch’s latest, Psychic Warfare, released in 2015

There were two support acts on before Clutch and we saw an interesting set from King Of The North, a duo of just guitar and drums amped to the max! They were a great heart-starter before the main event. The second support act was Cosmic Psychos who released their latest studio album, Cum The Raw Prawn, in June 2015. For me, I admittedly  have never been a fan, and nothing they did in concert changed my mind. The vocals were so distorted as it to be unintelligible and the same two chords played ad infinitum do nothing for me without some shadow and light. Ho hum, bring on Clutch!


Cum The Raw Prawn released by Cosmic Psychos in 2015

The wait was definitely worth it as Clutch were awesome! A shit-hot band so tight that at times sounded funky and bluesy at the same time! Neil Fallon, the vocalist and occasional guitarist, held the audience in the palm of his hand and his animated performance was the focal point for most of the audience. This freed up the rest of the band to do what they do so well, just play damn good music! Tim Sult’s incendiary guitarwork was ear-shatteringly good and the rhythm section of Dan Maines on bass and Jean-Paul Gaster on drums were unstoppable and unbeatable. It was definitely worth the trip to Sydney.

The setlist is detailed below and as one would expect most of it came from their last two studio albums the afore-mentioned Psychic Warfare and 2013’s Earth Rocker. Can’t wait until they come again.

earth rocker

Earth Rocker, released in 2013


X-Ray Visions
Crucial Velocity
Burning Beard
The Regulator
Earth Rocker
A Quick Death In Texas
Sucker For The Witch
D.C. Sound Attack
Pure Rock Fury
Behold The Colossus
Our Lady Of Electric Light
Unto The Breach
Son Of Virginia
Gravel Road
The Mob Goes Wild
Electric Worry/One Eye Dollar


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